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The Green Bit

The average household PV system prevents over one tonne of carbon dioxide gas being released into the atmosphere every single year delivering you a significantly reduced carbon-footprint.

Selling electricity back to the grid

Not all power companies will pay you for your excess electricity and the prices they offer can vary. We can explain to you how to get the best price for your surplus generation.

How do PV Solar Systems work?

PV solar panels are normally mounted on the best part of the roof facing the sun. They convert sunlight into DC (Direct Current) electricity which is then passed through an inverter creating viable AC electricity. This AC electricity is used to power the household while any excess electricity you generate can then be sold back to the electricity companies. You can even track your savings online from anywhere in the world.

Where do I start?

First you will need to find out whether your site is suitable for a PV installation. Rowan Dron are happy to provide a no-obligation FREE onsite assessment at a time that suits you. Once we are confident that a PV system will work for you, we will put together a free quotation based on the correct system for your site and your power needs. Because we are electricians we can advise you on ways you can maximise the savings from your system. For example, you might want to consider LED lighting.

How much does a PV Solar System Cost?

It is important to talk in averages here because costs will always vary depending on the number of panels you need and the complexity of the installation. An average family home will need a 2kW system that will deliver around 2,500kW hours over the course of a year. This kind of system, costs around $8,000 excluding GST fully-installed with panels and inverter.

Will it pay for itself over time?

The cost of PV solar panels has fallen dramatically in the last few years, while at the same time, electricity costs just keep on rising. A typical 2kW system can now give you a 6.9% return on investment! That is more than your bank will pay and it means that your system will definitely pay for itself. The bigger the system, the bigger the return. A PV system will also significantly add to the value of your home.


Return Investment

Going solar offers a return on the $8,000 investment of 6.9% per year.


Average Consumption

On average people don’t use 60% of the energy they receive from solar panels so it is sold directly back in to the grid. Making you money while your not even at home


Annual Savings

Once you have paid off your solar panels on average you will be earning $625.00 per year.


Energy Price Trends

At a typical retail price of NZ$0.25 per KWh.